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What's New?

What's New?

The RCBFOOTBALL.COM website has a new look. Take a few minutes to visit our website and navigate through the various areas using the menu options found at the top of every page. Official's will find some new options to provide more information to help them as officials plus some new links to Facebook and Twitter groups.


The website also uses additional security features to better ensure official's information is protected. This new security may display notifications at the bottom of the web page asking if you wish to display content. If you wish to deactivate the message in Internet Explorer, click here for more details. Other browsers should recognize this new security setting and not display this message. If it does, refer to your browser's help feature to see how to deactive.


For mobile users, the website's interface has been upgraded to provide better use via your phone. Please note that some phone web browsers may need to be configured to use the new secured website. Refer to your phone's help guide to determine how to configure your phone's browser to work with our website.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you like the new layout and please use the Contact Us if you have other questions or experience any issues in using our website.